Hex Beam - Phase 2 Completed

Memorial day provided a perfect time to complete phase 2 of the SVRC Hex Beam Project.  A large volunteer crew assembled on Monday morning, May 27, to help with the ongoing plan to erect a Rohn tower on the roof of the Red Cross building – home of the SVRC club station.  Thirty donated concrete blocks were taken from the parking lot to the roof where they were installed on the tower base that had been constructed a week earlier.  Then the single section of Rohn tower and rotor were installed on the base.  Only one step remains; installing the Hex Beam on the tower. That is yet to be scheduled.

This project, broken into three phases, is a serious piece of cooperative work.  No small amount of weight is involved and it involves many, many steps along the way. We simply could not have pulled this off without the generous donation of time, sweat, and skinned knuckles by a great, great group of volunteers.  Thanks a million everyone!   

Hex Beam
Mounting the rotor
Last minute adjust
Assigning the tasks
Up it goes
All secure
Clean up

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