Program for April 6, 2023 Meeting is....

Meet Rob Orr, recruiter of the 160 teams of amateur radio operators who provide communications for the famed Chicago Marathon. This in-person presentation will provide insight into the new direction his efforts are taking.

After spending years trying to find a good place to use his ham radio experience and background, Rob Orr, K9RST, stumbled into an opportunity to serve on the organizing team to provide ham radio operators for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, now beginning their 15th year!  

75th Anniversary Dinner Reminder

Don't forget to sign-up for the club's 75th Anniversary Dinner that will be held on Saturday, March 18 at the Village of Jerome community center 2901 Leonard St, Springfield, IL 62704. starting at 5:30 p.m. Cost is $16.00 per person. We'll have extra forms at the March 2 meeting since you must choose your dinner selection in advance.

Program for March 2, 2023 Meeting is....

  For SVRC's Thursday, March 2 meeting, we're tapping into the expertise of techno expert Michael Walker, VA3MW, for a live, two-way on-screen conversation to learn more about how and why Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology is the hottest new must-have for ham radio operators. Walker is the Customer and Training Manager for Texas-based FlexRadio, a pioneer in the design and development of SDR. As in recent months, the meeting will be held in one of the spacious and technology-equipped meeting rooms on the main floor of South Side Christian Church, 2600 S.

Special Event Station K9Y


Special Event Station K9Y: Celebrating the return of the 2021 IL State Fair

Operating from home locations, K9Y was on the air throughout the run of the 2021 Illinois State Fair, August 12-22, 2021. All amateur radio operator were welcome to participate from their own ham shack using their own radios.  Three operators took part in the event; J. Mitch Hopper – K9ZXO, Chuck Hopper – K9PLX, and Roger Whitaker – K9LJB. 

Calculating Resistors & Capacitors in Series and Parallel

"Resistors & Capacitors in Series & Parallel"

For the new students studying for the Technician Class amateur radio license, we offer this small aid.  This video explains in very elementary terms how to calculate the total resistance or capacitance in DC circuits when the components are configured in series or parallel.

This video is offered by the Sangamon Valley Radio Club.

Watch it here.

SVRC Members Appear in ARES/ARRL Video

Amateur Radio Prepares for the Worst

On may 1, 2021 the SVRC club members in conjunction with IEMA, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, will participate in a simulated Emergency Test, or SET.  The point of this particular training centers on a potential earthquake on the New Madrid and Wabash Valley fault lines in southern Illinois. To promote and explain the activity, the SVRC produced a short HD video called, “Amateur Radio Prepares for the Worst: May 1, 2021 Simulated Emergency Training”.


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