Hosting a Net

Ready to host a net?

A great place to start is to guest host an existing net.  Here are some things you may want to do:

  • Check in to the net a handful of times and listen to how the net is run by the net control operator.
  • Make a note of the opening statements made by the regular net control operator.
  • Ask the regular net control operator if there are any statements that should be given during the net that you host.
  • Ask the regular net control operator if there are any special announcements.
  • Ask if the regular net control operator will want a copy of the roster of check ins.
  • Check your radio!  Check the power source, your antenna, etc.  Do a signal check prior to the net.
  • As net control operator, you are running the show.
  • Remember to give your call sign once every ten minutes and at the end of your transmission as required by the FCC.
  • Ask for the information you need at check in, particularly, remind check ins to say their call signs slowly and even phonetically to help you keep up.  Some net control operators just request call signs at check in, others like call sign and location.  If more information is requested, it could get complicated.  
  • If a station asks a question that you cannot answer, feel free to ask if anyone participating in the net can answer. 
  • Thank operators for checking in.
  • Thank the repeater owner for the use of the repeater for the net.

Starting a Brand New Net

  • Before starting a brand new net, check with other net control operators to see if you can host their net from time to time.  Running a weekly net is a pretty big commitment of your time; other net control operators may appreciate getting some help once in a while.
  • Check to see when other nets are scheduled.  Fewer stations will check in if they have to choose between your net and an existing net.  
  • Decide if the net will be a social net or net with some type of theme.  You will need to explain the theme of your new net each time you open the net.
  • Request permission of the repeater owner for using the repeater for your new net.

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