Mitch Hopper K9ZXO explains how to go DIGITAL

Mitch K9ZXO using an oscillioscope to check for overmodulation of his signal

SVRC Clubroom
Saturday, Feb 4, 2017

In the first of a series of educational offerings by the club, Mitch Hopper K9ZXO presented a two hour lesson on operating using digital modes. Twenty seven were attendance to hear the presentation. Various techniques were explained as well as hints to make attempts more successful.

Many thanks go to Mitch and to Steve Boll KD9GMR  for the refreshments.

Mitch doing some prep work before the session started. Standing behind is Tim McDonough N9PUZ, Larry Lichtenberger KA9LBI, Tom LaBonte KD9FZF and Jamie Ursch KD9FZI
A close-up of the equipment that K9ZXO takes portable and mobile.
Ample seating in the new clubroom allows for viewing presentations in comfort.
Some questions given by Don Baker WB9STS after the session.
Signal sampling interface for use with oscilloscope
Internal view of interface
Signal sampling interface schematic

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