W9DUA Fusion Repeater Up and Running in Test Mode

On January 7, 2017 the W9DUA Fusion repeater was put online, currently the antenna is only about 50' up and is only a J-Pole.  The repeater is putting out 20 watts of power.  The Red Cross roof is not the permanent home of this repeater.  


If you wish to try this machine, the frequency is 443.000+ (94.8 pl).  It is setup in Auto/Auto mode.  This means if you come in on analog FM then the repeater will output Analog FM.  If you come in on C4FM Fusion mode, that is what the machine will output.


CAVEAT:  If you are an analog user and don't want to hear the "Digital White Noise" of C4FM conversation, then set the 94.8 tone for both transmit & receive.  

Let me know if you have any questions.  Updates to come when it arrives at its permanent home.




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