Presentation on SOTA at the August Club Meeting

At the Summit-Steve WG0AT

At the August 2017 SVRC club meeting, Tim N9PUZ presented Summits on the Air (SOTA).  SOTA is an award scheme for radio amateurs that encourages portable operations with the goal of having fun while operating from a variety of locations. So, if you are not a mountain goat kind of operator, you can still work activator SOTA stations from the comfort of your couch at home.  SOTA is structured in such a way that anyone can participate.  There are two roles that can qualify for points and prestigious SOTA certificates.  Just make qualifying contacts and submit your logs.

Don't Miss the Presentation on SOTA at the August Club Meeting

Mountains Perfect for SOTA

Tim, N9PUZ, will present information on Summits on the Air (SOTA) at the August SVRC club meeting.  SOTA started in Europe as a way to encourage ham radio operation from the mountains and has grown to include associations in nearly a 100 countries and even includes opportunities for operators to participate in SOTA from the comfort of the couch at home.

Who was Lucille Fazi Falzone?

W9KMD Working a Station

Lucille was a member of the Sangamon Valley Radio Club in the 1950s and 1960s.  She was truly a pioneer in the male dominated amateur radio community in Springfield and was highly regarded by many who knew her.  Lucille was also very involved in the local P.T.A. and often hosted radio events for the youngsters in several Springfield area schools. She is pictured here working a Field Day station and making contacts. Gotta love her beautifully painted fingernails!  The Sangamon Valley Radio Club is honored to operate the Ladies Net in her memory.

2017 Field Day a Success!

Non-Hams visit GOTA Station

The 2017 Field Day held at Riverton Middle School on Saturday June 24th through June 25th was a success.  We had 9 stations participating. 20 meters was hopping and even 6 meters opened up for some great contacts.10 meters was a little slow much of the day on Saturday but started to heat up late in the afternoon then really took off Sunday morning.  All in all, W9DUA scored 1,755 points which have been submitted to ARRL for the final ranking.

Noteworthy achievements:


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