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**PLEASE Read the Guidelines for this Group. If you are here, you have agreed to abide by them, thanks.** The Sangamon Valley Radio Club, Inc.(SVRC) group is here to share your learning and successes and promote amateur radio! NOTE: This list is for discussing positive aspects of the hobby of Amateur (ham) Radio and the Sangamon Valley Radio Club ONLY! (non related threads will be deleted). We are also a commercial-free group. See the posting guidelines which follow.

  • Use the "Search This Group" box to help you locate recent topics of conversation - it may be what you are looking for, rather than posting repeat threads.

  • If there are newsworthy posts, PLEASE first scan down the listings to see if it has already been shared - most likely it has. Duplicate postings will be deleted.

  • To sell, give away, trade etc your used gear, use a sales group like Ham Radio for Sale or others on Facebook and elsewhere. **We are a commercial-free group.** Any commercial-type posting for resources as well as sales, fundraisers, contests is subject to deletion.

POSTING Guidelines:

This list is for discussing the positive aspects of ham radio and SVRC. All unrelated posts will be deleted.

Spamming of the list will not be tolerated. Posters will be banned.

NO politics are allowed. That includes any political discussion even if it may be related to the SVRC. We are not an activist group. Also, no religious discussion.

As we have hams of all ages from all walks of life on the list, NO profanity is allowed in any discussion. NO objectionable posts and / or photos are allowed.

There are hot button issues. Any posts and/or comments that disrespect or become argumentative, belittling, threatening or not in keeping with this ham radio friendly, family-friendly group will be deleted (without warning). If a thread becomes contentious or has had its life in discussion, it is also subject to deletion. We will also ban people who are continually argumentative, belittling, disruptive, or threatening to the group, other hams, or the administrators.

Any member that BLOCKS an administrator of this group will be banned from the group. The list of administrators is located in the members area and they are volunteering to help members and maintain group integrity. We do not allow threads on the main group about the administration of the group or the group guidelines. Please use PM or email if you have a question about these issues.

Final Note

We want this to be a group that celebrates ham radio and each other. The administrators will do what they deem necessary to keep the group ham radio-oriented and ham-friendly for all ages.

**Please direct any questions about the group or its administration to ...

Thanks and enjoy our wonderful life-time hobby of Amateur Radio!


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