SVRC Members Appear in ARES/ARRL Video

Amateur Radio Prepares for the Worst

On may 1, 2021 the SVRC club members in conjunction with IEMA, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, will participate in a simulated Emergency Test, or SET.  The point of this particular training centers on a potential earthquake on the New Madrid and Wabash Valley fault lines in southern Illinois. To promote and explain the activity, the SVRC produced a short HD video called, “Amateur Radio Prepares for the Worst: May 1, 2021 Simulated Emergency Training”.

This video covers the generalized details of the activity as well as a short explanation of the earthquake-producing faults.  Produced by J. Mitch Hopper, K9ZXO, and written by Roger & Vicky Whitaker, K9LJB & KD9BAU, the video features several SVRC club members in cameo roles. A closing comment from Thom Beebe, W9RY, Illinois Section Manager for the ARRL, ties our club and its members more firmly to the ARRL.

It is just this sort of activity that helps keep our club strong – in spite of the challenges created by the Covid pandemic.

Mitch wishes to recognize everyone who played even a small part in the creation of this video. Without their short notice help the video would not have been possible.

See it here:


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