REMINDER:  Next Meeting October 6
Updated October 2,, 2016


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Digital Mobile Radio Guru
Speaks to SVRC October 6
    Chicago-area digital mobile radio expert JP Watters, KC9KKO, will be the guest speaker at the Sangamon Valley Radio Club's meeting on Thursday, October 6.  The meeting, at the Club's new quarters on the third floor of the American Red Cross Building in Springfield, begins at 7 p.m.
   In the vanguard of Illinois amateur radio operators using digital mode communications, Watters, who holds an extra class license, is treasurer of the Grundy County Amateur Radio Club and serves as a Deputy Frequency Coordinator with the Illinois Repeater Association.


   Watters has over 40 years of information technology security, physical security, database management, software engineering, wide area network design and implementation, microwave deployment experience and radio communications. He got his start in nuclear electric generation, installing, maintaining electrical and electronic components, from one kilowatt generators, 5000 hp electrical motors to microwave radar and security intrusion detection components utilizing copper and fiber communications. As the Chief Technology Officer, Watters founded one of the nation’s first multi-state wireless internet service providers. In 2002 he became the first Director of Technology for Grundy County, Illinois.
   Watters got his amateur radio ticket in 2006, primarily to support local emergency communications. Initially he operated packet and voice in the VHF and UHF spectrum. After upgrading to an Extra Class license, he experimented using the packet bulletin board system and Winlink solutions with X.25 and Pactor protocols.
   Building and tuning analog and P25 repeaters and duplexers, Watters became involved in Digital Mobile Radio using a couple of Motorola Mototrbo repeaters and a Rayfield Communications C-bridge. As Digital Mobile Radio popularity increased, testing C-bridge software revisions became a necessity, he says.
    In the testing of C-bridges and repeater configurations, a global concept was developed and coordinated with the Digital Communications Interconnect and later the Digital Mobile Radio-Motorola Amateur Radio Club networks to use a pair of talkgroup C-bridges to reduce the communication latency. He continues to actively work with the emerging networking technologies to build a global network with converged data and messaging.
Watters, a member of the Grundy County Emergency Management Volunteers, is a trained and qualified FEMA All Hazards Communication Leader (COML) to respond to support the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, Division 15, Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, and Illinois Emergency Management Agency with communications support.
   He additionally trained as an Auxiliary Communication Radio Communicator and recently became a Federal Aviation Authority Licensed Remote Pilot to commercially fly unmanned aircraft. Watters is currently a Technical Project Manager for Colorado based Castlerock Microwave Inc, serving national communication clients.