Field Day 2021 in the Time of Covid-19

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced changes to how ARRL Field Day is conducted. Last year, the SVRC did not participate in the traditional group activity. Instead, we followed the ARRL guidelines for individuals operating from their home stations.

The ARRL had authorized a temporary waiver to allow for these changes for all amateur radio operators. To help the members of the SVRC understand the activity and the temporary changes, J. Mitch Hopper, K9ZXO, with script assistance from several of the club members, produced a video to help explain, in simple terms, what Field Day is and how to set up a station to participate in this classic amateur radio tradition.

Now it is 2021 and Field Day is approaching again. The staff at the ARRL reached out to see if the video could be updated to reflect the previous waivers and some new rule changes.  Hopper agreed and re-edited the feature with considerable help from the Newington, CT staff.  The new video is less SVRC-centric and speaks to amateur radio operators in general.

In addition, a Spanish language version was produced with all Spanish graphics and subtitles to encourage our friends of IARU Region 2 to also participate in Field Day.

As of the date of this posting (March 5, 2021) the SVRC Board has not decided what the club will do this year. The issues surrounding the pandemic are still too fluid and there is no way to guess how the world will look in the last week of June.  The Board will advise its members when the time is right and we know more about the situation.

Below are two links to the video. Enjoy.

English version:

Spanish version:

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