W9I - Official 2020 Illinois State Fair SES

W9I QSL card

W9I – The official SVRC 2020 Illinois State Fair Special Event Station (SES).  Event starts August 13 at 12:00 PM and ends August 23 at 12:00 PM

It’s time for W9I, the Illinois State Fair special event station, to come back to life. But, this year Covid-19 has changed everything!  The actual fair has been canceled so as not to spread the virulent virus.  How does that effect amateur radio?  We are used to communicating during emergencies such as floods and storms.  So, how is the pandemic any different?  It isn’t!!  This year, as in years past, any SVRC club member is invited to join. The only difference is that we will be operating from our homes or safe remote locations of our choosing – just not at the State Fairgrounds.

BTW: Two weeks before the event, QRZ.COM will have the W9I listing updated for our event.  All QSO info will be posted there.


Here are the rules (and they are few):

(1) You must register via email with the SES QSL manager, Mitch Hopper. Contact him at id@brainmist.com.  No application is needed, we just need to know who to expect QSO info from.

(2) We will be working 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 6, and 10 meters – as well as any non-repeater VHF/UHF amateur frequency.

(3) All modes are acceptable; CW, phone, or digital.  If you are operating a digital mode,  you must log the appropriate type (PSK, RTTY, HELL, JT-65, FT-8, etc). Please do not log it as DIG as you did during Field Day.  We want to know what modes are popular with the operators.

(4) You must submit your log within 5 days of the end of the event.  Submissions are requested to be in ADI format, though we will accept any paper log.  ADI files may be emailed to the QSL manager.  Paper logs may be scanned and emailed or sent by the USPS.  Mailing address will be that of K9ZXO and will be found by searching for W9I or K9ZXO on QRZ.COM starting two weeks before the event.

(5) Upon registering, the QSL/SES manager will supply you with all the data you need including suggested text to use during your contact.

(6) You need not concern yourself with QSL cards or confirmations. The SVRC QSL manager will mail out all QSL cards.

(7) You must supply your own corn dogs and deep fried Snickers bars.

There! See! It isn’t so hard to get on the air and be a part of this yearly tradition.  Just because there isn’t an actual fair doesn’t mean we can’t have some State Fair fun anyway.

W9I QSL card

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