2,100 SVRC Historical Photos Now Available

Thanks in large part to Ben Kiningham, a massive collection of over 2,100 historical photos of the SVRC and related projects is now available to anyone!  These photos are of club activities, private ham shacks, hamfests, radios, tours, sponsored events, faces, faces, and more faces!  These photos have been sitting in a file collecting dust for a long, long time and have now been digitized and compiled on a single DVD.

Who knows - maybe you'll see a younger version of yourself. I did!

Here’s how you can get yours for a small donation!

Don't Forget the 72nd Anniversary Dinner

It's that time of year again to get together and socialize with other hams and friends.

The dinner will be held on March 7th, 2020 5:30pm at the Richardson Club House at 7282 Buffalo-Hart Rd., Buffalo, IL 62515 as it was the previous year.

Come out at noon, bring your radios to get on the air and operate for a couple of hours. Tell everyone about the one that got away!

Our menu for this years anniversary dinner is a Pasta Bar:

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
Garlic Bread

Parametric Equalizers - What's That All About?

Parametric Equalizers

We've all heard about parametric equalizers and have even had a recent program by Bob Heil concerning this subject. But, what exactly is a parametric equalizer, what can it do for me, and why should I care?
Well, Mitch Hopper, K9ZXO, produced a very short four-minute video that will explain it all in simple language and terms.
See it here:

SVRC at the 2019 STEM Fair

In an increasingly complex world, it's important that our nation's youth are prepared to bring knowledge and skills to solve problems, make sense of information, and know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions. These are the kinds of skills that students develop in science, technology, engineering and math - disciplines collectively known as STEM.

SVRC Summer Picnic and Unofficial Field Day

Richardson Clubhouse

On July 27, 2019, the SVRC held its summer family picnic and unofficial “Field Day” at Richardson’s Clubhouse near Buffalo Hart.  The event was generally well attended with multiple radios, two dipoles in the trees, a twenty foot car-mounted HF antenna mast, and multiple VHF/UHF verticals on several portable masts.  Even though the conditions were not great, many QSOs were made; many with “Parks on the Air”.  We covered 20/40 meters and had some fun with two-meters and 440.  Roger Whitaker even conducted a Winlink demo. 

The Hex Beam is finally operational!

W9DUA Hex Beam

The Hex Beam is in place and operational!  After months of planning and organizing, the Hex Beam was pressed into service for the VHF contest on Saturday, June 8, 2019.  The official antenna crew under the direction of senior club members, hauled heavy steel, concrete, and antenna  components up to the Red Cross building roof in several stages.  We now have extra directional capability for HF 20 meters and up – including 6 meters.  This unique antenna certainly gives our club location a distinctive visual footprint with the upside-down umbrella design.


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